• Why is Mangabasealpha written in two languages?
    Because we want our content to be accessible to as much people as possible, not only to italians (like we are). In effect, many of the information we share are difficult to find in a language different than Japanese.
  • Why are some magazines’ line-ups missing (i.e. Young Animal published by Hakusensha) and of some others only certain issues are missing?
    Our choice is to avoid magazines that don’t have manga drawings on their cover. This is because the magazine’s cover is the first thing that catches the eye: covers with young female girls in bikini, like the Young Animal ones, could mislead the guest. Furthermore it’s very difficult to find out the name of the idols, and we don’t want our website to be a landmark for the idols’s fandom. In the future, if there will be any new collaborator, we might think of an alternative method to report the line-up of these magazines. But it is not on the top of our list of priorities.
  • Where are my yaoi/yuri/adult magazine’s? And their Japanese releases?
    In Japan adult and yaoi manga, especially, are often considered a world of its own. There are publishers who publish only these types of products, and often publishers who publish both divide cleanly these magazines and manga from the more traditional ones. Furthermore the number of magazines yaoi or adult is very high and often they contain a very high number of yomikiri, that create a considerable problem of transliteration. Similarly boys love, adult and yuri are often collected in single volumes, which would greatly increase our already not simple work in listing the Japanese releases. Our time is limited, so we had to make the choice to avoid these three genres. Proving that ours is not a discriminating choice, we report the Italian and American releases of these manga.
  • Why between the Japanese releases do you report only about the manga known abroad, the first numbers and the single volumes?
    The number of Japanese releases, as it is easy to picture, is immense. Just see the list of publishers which we follow some magazine to understand that the publications in Japan are endless. Follow them all would mean sacrificing whole days, if not weeks exclusively on the Japanese releases, having to sacrifice a lot of other content. In any case we are ready to enter any title that is of your interest: send your request to us in the comments below the releases of title’s publisher or send us an email.
  • I’d like to help. How can I help you?
    Collaborate with us is easy: just send an email and ask to join the team. The minimum requirements are only two: know at least one of the languages of the site (Italian or English) and have some time to spend working on mangabase regularly. This doesn’t mean having to commit constantly every day, but the effort can’t be sporadic. For more information visit our “work with us” section.
  • Can I use your contents on my website?
    We’d rather prefer not. If the use is occasional there’s no problem, but only after having requested confirmation. Our work may seem trivial, but we still need time to do it, and we’d like it to be respected. As for the pictures, all the covers present here are © of claimants and we use only for informational purposes.
  • Why, in the line-ups, are only highlighted the series published in Italy?
    Because, at the beginning, this website was born in Italian. Then due to the many visits from abroad we decided to make it bilingual. The graphic layout of the line-up, however, is not easy to change on a site like WordPress.com, so we are still working on a solution. However it is our intention to report in the line-up also all the titles published in the United States.
  • Where can I buy the magazines and the Japanese, American and Italian volumes?
    We specify that we do not buy all the books that you can see on this blog. We do not want to advertise any particular store, as each one of you might have a particular demand (buying American manga in the US  is logically different than buy them in Italy). In any case we have direct experience of buying magazine or volumes in all three languages, so if you want our advice or an indication ask us via email and we will be happy to help.
  • Are you a scanlation website? Do you know where to find the scanlation of this manga? Do you know where to find the raw of this manga?
    No, we are not a scanlation website, nor we take care of finding raw or scan of the titles nominated. We are enthusiasts who want to promote and encourage the purchase of manga volumes if they are available in a language known. In this regard, we invite you to look at the site that Japanese publishers have created to raise awareness among readers on the subject of scanlation.
  • Why don’t you also advise manga published in other countries as well as Italy and USA?
    Because manga are published in many countries in the world and follow them all is a demanding task. We therefore focused only on the two markets we know best: the one in our language and the one in one of the most spoken languages in the world, especially online.

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